Levi’s does a phenomenal job with their branding a trademarks. Any brand – big or small – can learn from the creativity, reinforcement, protection, and other elements of the LEVI’S brand.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • The name is virtually unique. There is no confusion about which “Levi’s” a consumer could be referring to. It is not descriptive or generic.
  • Creative “non-traditional” trademarks, including
    • the pocket stitching design
    • the red tag
  • Reinforcement of the brand themes:
    • the pocket shape, over time, has become the Levi’s logo
    • the red tag shape appears on the building signs of Levi’s stores and elsewhere
  • The brand is well protected with many USPTO trademark registrations.

Here are some photos that demonstrate what I am speaking of:

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