I recently noticed that Apple filed to “intent to use” trademark applications for sound marks in April (perhaps surprisingly, Apple does not own any sound mark trademark registrations yet):

Serial No. 85609317 :  The mark is a sounds. The mark consists of a rapid two-tone repetition of the note C#

Serial No. 85609305 The mark is a sound. The mark consists of a rapid two-tone repetition of the note G#.

Since the applications were filed based upon an “intent to use” the sounds, there is no sound file or evidence of use on record with the USPTO yet. What could these sounds be? I believe that at least one of them is the sound made when the “Siri” function is launched.

My hunch was confirmed according to this post on Patently Apple, which notes that the Siri sound is a repetition of of the C# note.  Another blog then mis-reported using the same information (the USPTO trademark filing) that Apple had filed to patent the sound.

Sound marks are quite powerful because the brain processes them differently than words. I predict that in the future many brands will incorporate sounds into their branding.

Note that Apple on the same day also filed a “motion” mark application to register the Siri app icon:

Serial No. 85609301 : The mark is a motion mark, which consists of an illuminated white-and-purple arc traveling clockwise within a black line near the circumference of a silver and black disc containing a stylized microphone design defined by black lines and featuring a lower-half illuminated by white and purple lighting elements.

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