The offer below received by a client this week is astonishing, even in light of all the other scams that prey on trademark owners. This offer is from something called PTO PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE.

BEWARE, this is NOT from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office government agency. The document could easily be mistaken as coming from the government – the “Patent And Trademark Office” name, “PTO” acronym, and the look and feel of the document, and the official looking bar code.

It is confusing. It is likely trademark infringement of the USPTO’s name.

The offer is also overly expensive and mistaken regarding the dates. The solicitation was sent a full 14 months before the 10 year renewal filing under Section 8 and 9 could possibly be submitted.

f this was a legitimate service at a reasonable value, why would they mask who they are, and why would they choose the clearly deceptive name of “Patent And Trademark Office”? Note that the address appears to be a rented Regus office space.

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One thought on “Astonishing offer to trademark registrants from PTO Patent And Trademark Office in Jersey City — **NOT** USPTO

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