Some random thoughts on the way home from Barcelona:

  • Barcelona is a wonderful city. The architecture, views, arts, history, transportation, people, culture, diversity, and food were are noticeable and tremendous. I can’t wait to return some day.
  • Meeting people with different backgrounds from all over the world that share a connection to trademarks is wonderful. The global reach of the conference is amazing.
  • Is 12,000 official attendees plus thousands more unregistered too many? I becomes difficult to meet people and find things and navigate the conference parts and venues when it is so large.
  • A little more communication would go a long way. While there were signs aplenty, a few more details about the best ways to get places, or the amount of time to allow, would have helped make the experience even better (for example: Metro stop to convention center; directions to Finale).
  • Hosting MEET THE BLOGGERS for the sixth year in row with esteemed colleagues (Welch, Schwimmer, Chestek, Oppedahl, Coleman) is a tremendous honor and tremendous fun. Connection with other fun, smart, and interesting trademark people is the highlight of the meeting for me.
  • The cost is tremendous. Perhaps – given the amount of sponsorship that appears to be involved – costs could be lowered or attendees from small firms and smaller companies/entities could be discounted. Many would have liked to attend but could not afford the price. Or perhaps a cheaper conference registration could be available for attending a committee meeting and two or three CLE panels?
  • In 2017, standard lecture panels should be the exception, not the rule, at legal conferences.
  • Slides with case law summaries should generally be prohibited.
  • Sessions featuring debates, audience participation, and interactive exercises should be encouraged.
  • I urge INTA and its committees to explore not only the effect of trademarks on brands and lawyers, but on public interests and justice throughout the world. These topics are more important than ever and the actions and policies of INTA and its members could have an enormous impact in the leading the way to make the world an even better place for people, for businesses, and for justice as a whole. In recent years, INTA has increased its attention to diversity and to pro bono work; while I applaud them for it there is still a long way to go in a variety of manners.

Veteran INTA tips for newbies:

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring far more clothing than you think you need. Changing and refreshing are useful to keep going!
  • Don’t over schedule meetings; and
  • Don’t forget to bring home gifts for the office staff

Meet The Bloggers XIII

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One thought on “Barcelona reflections after INTA #INTA17

  1. I agree with your comments. As I do not register, I feel that I cannot complain about venues or the hassles of attending meetings. Barcelona brought an element of being in the city that a place like Orlando did not so this might be my favorite INTA. My advice to newbies is that no reception is worth waiting more than 15 minutes to enter. Better to grab some friends and head for dinner or a drink.

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