The major conferences in college football have been undergoing transformations as they shift members, grow and shrink.  The Bowl Championship Series consists of 11 conferences plus independent Notre Dame.

Which of the eleven have great logos? Which logos are weak? Let me know if you agree with my assessment in the comments. I have listed the logos from the worst to the best in my opinion:

ACC – the ACC logos are very simple and boring


BIG EAST – The logo for the Big East is almost as boring. The right white and blue color scheme make it slightly more appealing. But the logo does not communicate any about sports, geography, or anything else.

SEC – Boring. Hideous colors. At least it is traditional.


 The Big XII or Big 12 – this logo is also quite boring. And the conference currently has 10 members, so it makes no sense. By using Roman Numerals it just slightly more interesting than the logos above.


 Conference USA – Given the “USA”


WAC – A simple logo, but the little flare on the W and A make it more interesting and less ugly than those listed above.

BIG 10 – The Big 10 is actually 12 teams right now. The logo does not reference the 12 in any manner. But at least it has some creativity by combining the “IG” and “10”. The logo is decent.


SUN BELT – Creative logo with a sun and a planetary ring. It is not as simple or symmetrical as many of the other conference designs, so it less boring.

MAC – The MAC logo is more sleek, unique and stylistic than any of those above. And the colors are more interesting.

PAC 12 – The PAC 12 logo design is sleek and modern. It incorporates a mountain image. I like it.


MOUNTAIN WEST – far more creative than the others. It makes you pause or look twice. The colors are refreshing, and the design is creative and three-dimensional. The conference has wisely filed with the USPTO to register the logo.



It appears that all the best logos are out west! Maybe it helps that some of these conferences are less bound by tradition. Their logos appear to be newer and fresher. That makes the bolder and more exciting and interesting. Hats off to the Mountain West, its new logo is the best of the bunch!


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