Four teams remain in the battle to crown a winner of the World Series (a registered trademark, see here). In the American League, the Yankees and Rangers are playing each other; in the National League, last year’s champs the Phillies are facing the Giants.

Of these four, who has the best logo and brand?

  • Philadelphia Phillies:
    • – great images with the liberty bell and fun, unique font. The theme integrates the history of Philadelphia its role in America’s independence.
  • San Francisco Giants:
    • – The interlocking S and F are classic and has been copies by many others
  • New York Yankees:
    • – timeless logos. The interlocking NY may be one of the most well-known logos around the worlds. The script, bat and top hat in the other logo are also classic.
  • Texas Rangers:
    • – fairly boring and simple. Emphasizes the “T” and I suppose “Texas.”

Results: It is very hard to choose between Giants, Yankees and Phillies. They are all classic and have stood the test of time for many years. As a Red Sox fan, I can’t pick the Yankees.  I’ll go with the Phillies by the slightest of margins over Giants and Yanks. The Phillies logo and brand is fun, is unique, and represents the city of Philadelphia well.

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