Scam solicitations mailed to trademark registrants and applicants in the US continue to proliferate. A client this week forwarded me the offer below from “Trademark Edition Ltd.” and their “International Catalogue of Trademarks – 2016.”

The cost for a listing in the scam publication is a mere $1,650.00.  This publication has no legal or other significance. There is no telling how many (or how few) of these “catalogues” are published or to whom they are distributed. Their website doesn’t explain much in detail about the purported use and value of their service, and the website has horrible grammar: “Today advertisements are in focus; therefore we consider that protection of trademarked intellectual property is of high importance. We also reckon that market participants who guarantee quality by means of trademarked intellectual property should gain more ground in the international market.”

If you have any questions about this or any other solicitation related to a trademark, consult your attorney at once.

This scam apparently used to go by the name TM-Edition, because the address used hasn’t changed and the cost is the same. See my post from 2012 here.

For more information, see:

If you have been taken by this scam, I suggest that you file a complaint with the FTC, write a letter to the USPTO Commissioner, and contact law enforcement.

Beware of such scams. Read the fine print. Contact your attorney. Report scams to the FTC and USPTO.

It continues to astound me that the USPTO, DOJ, FTC, and others refuse to better investigate and halt these blatant scams targeting trademark owners.


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