This offer from “United States Trademark Maintenance Service” raises as many questions as it does answers.

  • Are they attorneys providing this services who are bound by the professional rules of ethics, attorney-client privilege, and such?
  • Do they help their clients understand the declaration to be signed?
  • The USPTO Section 8 filing fee actually just changed, effective January 14, 2017, to $125.
  • What is all the goods and services in the registration are no longer in use?
  • Why does their form look so simple?
  • Why does their form look and sound so much like it is from the USPTO?
  • Who will sign the filing?
  • What about Section 15 affidavits – do they file them? Do they advise what the benefits are or whether one is appropriate?
  • Furthermore, it contains a falsehood, that the “USPTO does not provide any reminder of the section 9 requirement beyond the information of the original Certificate of Registration…”  The USPTO began sending email reminders of the Section 9 period about a year ago.

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