Trademark scams continue to proliferate. This looks essentially identical to past scams, but with a new “name” from TMP and a new address at TMP Online Services, 31-07 31st Avenue, Unit 102, Astoria, NY 11106. The offer asks for $1280.

These “publication” offerings are worthless. For more, see the Trademark Scam Decision Tree.

If you got this letter from TMP,  trash it. Or better yet report them to the USPTO, the FTC, and for mail fraud and scamming at the US Postal Inspection Service at

It seems to me that this offer clear evidence of an intent to mislead and defraud consumers who own trademark filings with the USPTO. When will the USPTO, Trademark Public Advisory Committee (TPAC), Fair Trade Commission (FTC), Department of Justice (DoJ), and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) ramp up any investigations and crack downs on these scams. Of course it is not easy to track the catch those behind these offerings, but is enough being done? Not in my opinion.

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3 thoughts on “Beware of trademark scammer TMP in Astoria, NY

  1. i am so happy to see that law firms are speaking up about this, i haven been in biz for myself since i was 19 (17 yrs now phew) but i have made a career in the digital space which if anyone knows still has many physical components to it, i certainly scraped my knees enough times, but these letters are an absolute outrage to me. i have been saving them now for the past few years as one of my biz partners is an attorney but not in the IP /copyright/tm side of things. i have xp training ML using a variety of models which in this case if we had enough copies of these types of letters (also filing llc you get a ton of this garbage) and i rly don’t know why the post office hasn’t implemented some simple OCR tech to spot this stuff b/c it’s so poorly done and unfortunately people who may not have seen this stuff as much won’t know what to look for, i founded and worked very closely with DMVs in several states and in meeting with their bureau and divison heads this topic came up quite a bit related to direct mail fraud i think they nailed someone here in FL for a $10mm case but i don’t even have motive for monetizing the services i want to do it b/c i hate the thought of someone sending these creeps a check for 1280 of their hard earned cash! for NOTHING literally for nothing. thank you for posting your blog post and i am in talks with an examiner at USPTO with one of these tmp letters in hand as i type this and will be mentioning it to him

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