I received the offer below in the mail last week. Trademark owners beware. This mailing is not from the government. The cost is quite high – especially if they are not providing legal services.

This service is from “Patent&Trademark Bureau” or “Patent & Trademark Bureau” of Philadelphia, PA. This is not a government agency and in no way affiliated with the USPTO.

The deadline cited in the offer is wrong.  The renewal needs to be filed by July 15, 2018 (and after that, there is a six month grace period available). It is intentionally misleading.

Are they attorneys? What services do they offer in exchange for their fee of $1650? Does that include the USPTO filing fees?

They state that “trademarks may be lost if they are failed to be renewed in time.” In addition to poor grammar, this is not accurate. Registration rights may be lost, but common law rights continue – if the mark is still being used in commerce.

I suggest that anyone affected by this issue write to the USPTO, the FTC, and the Post Office and urge them to move more quickly and more forcibly to bring an end to these scams.

See also WARNING: Non-USPTO Solicitations That May Resemble Official USPTO Communications

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18 thoughts on “Beware of scam from Patent & Trademark Bureau in Philadelphia, PA

  1. Hi! I found you by googling the fraudsters that mail out the scam re patent& trademark renewal from Philadelphia. THEYRE STILL DOIN IT from the same place no less. Apparently reporting it does no good. Would suing them “ Do” any good? I’m ready! I’m sick to death of people getting scammed. I just thank God my suspicious nature has saved me from HUNDREDS of them!

  2. Just received notice of $925 to be paid to them and it is dated Feb 2019! Looks like no one is bothering on the Mail Fraud side to take this group out….sad. So many people will accidentally pay this rip off.

  3. E. U and I spoke over the phone awhile ago concerning my securing a patent and/or copy rite for my work as a visual artist . I remember bits and pieces of what you told me
    Would u mind telling me again what I have to do?

  4. We have two companies and received notices for both with the same grammatical errors that you quoted above. They wanted $1650 for one class for each. Our reneal date for both was June 2021. I am faxing back the solicitation with the word SCAM written across in big letters. Thank you for the warning!

    • So I just got off the phone with a guy named Dennis from this company by the name of trademarkemergence.com. He told me that my company’s name may not be available by Monday, November 29, 2021. I asked what is their company’s address 4 time, then he hung up on me. How can I stop them from stealing our name before we can get our trademark taken care of?

  5. just received same notice from Patent & Trademark Bureau address Huntington Valley PA renewal date 2/13/22. Wishing for a class action suit to stop this fraud

  6. We just received two notices from this fraudulent company, looks like they moved their scheme to Huntington Valley, PA. DO NOT PAY OR SEND MONEY TO THIS GROUP! Instead, forward their scam letters and emails to the State Attorney General!

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