This appears to be a new scam. EUPAT, with an address in Washington, DC and an official government looking form. With a cost of $1760.00 (or 1760,oo $) that gets you absolutely nothing of value. Certainly not of value for trademark legal protections in the United States.

What a joke: “for the publication of the trademark in the internet” it states on the header of the form!

Here is language from their webpage, which makes little if any sense (and comically misspells ‘intellectual’):

Patents, trade marks and other intellectual property rights are recorded as separate fields. There are several web pages for each intelectual property that describe this issue, as well as various organizations involved in intellectual property registration, whether in the U.S., Europe or other part of the world. The actual registration process is quite complicated, preceded by thorough search operations, whether an intelectual property is not already registered. Hence, there is the EUPAT Database, which uponfee, enables users the detailed access to the registered patents and trademarks list.

You can see their ‘terms and conditions’ here:

Will the USPTO and FTC take action against them promptly? Let’s hope.

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