Two weeks ago, I crashed riding my bike to work.
I love to ride my bike – the fresh air, exercise and freedom are terrific. Ialways wear my helmet.
Fortunately I was wearing my helmet when I crashed. I went right over the handlebars into the middle of the road and landed on my head. I escaped with a just few scratches and bruises – and a cracked helmet (see photo below). Some might say I was lucky. I would say that I was prepared. I wore my helmet for insurance and protection in just that type of situation.
Registering a trademark with the USPTO is like wearing a helmet on your bike. It is not required by law. But it sure provides a lot of protection and a great value. A registered trademark can deal with infringers generally much better, quicker, and cheaper. And many possible infringements are avoided because registered trademarks appear in the USPTO database that many search before adopting new brand names. If you care about your brand, why would you risk not registering your trademark?
Trademark registration is so valuable because provides both preventive and contingent insurance by reducing the likelihood of a trademark dispute and at the same time providing the owner with a stronger position in the event of a trademark dispute.
Tip: Use your head!

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