Regardless of the outcome of the 2017 World Series, both the Astros and the Dodgers will reap a lot of money based on their participation. I’m sure there is an uptick in jersey and merchandise sales, and in ticket sales for next season.

Both teams stand to benefit even more than some championship teams. Because their brands – their trademarks – are unique in the sports industry. To my knowledge, there are no other professional or college team names called “Astros” or “Dodgers.” Even better, the names have a suggestive meaning. They are not completely random names or common nouns, and thus much stronger than names like Lions, Giants, Bruins, and the like. Astros evokes space (and the Astrodome) and the Houston space center, one of the landmarks and famous characteristics of the city. The Dodgers name of course dates back to their roots in Brooklyn, New York, and to the trolley tracks that one would “dodge.”

The marketplace of brands is becoming more crowded every day. There are a record number of trademark registrations and applications, and constant new outlets and channels to promote brands online and elsewhere. Standing out from the crowd is more valuable than ever. Regardless of out the outcome on the field, congrats to the Astros and Dodgers on trademark success!

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