Last week, our firm submitted comments regarding the Request of the U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator for Public Comments: Development of Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement published September 1, 2015.

From the introduction: Our suggestions described herein aim to achieve more education to prevent infringement of IP rights, as well as to strike a balance with the damage caused by rising over-enforcement of IP rights. Note that the initiatives described herein require relatively low expenditures and are very likely to result in savings to both the government and the overall economy if they achieve the intended result of reducing infringement of intellectual property.

Out comments specifically discuss several suggestions:

  • Increase education and outreach to small business owners and individuals regarding the importance of protecting intellectual property and IP infringement issues.
  • Increase education to students about intellectual property and its role in our society.
  • Help protect small businesses before government agencies.
  • Ensure that small businesses are a party of policy decision-making processes.
  • Improve transparency in trade negotiations involving intellectual property.
  • Enhance availability of and access to government data.
  • Protect intellectual property owners from unscrupulous organizations that defraud IP rights holders.

For the full comments, see below:

Public Comments on IPEC Joint Strategic Plan by Erik M. Pelton & Associates

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