Via a recent FOIA request, I was able to obtain copies of the correspondence between the USPTO’s Office of the Solicitor and the outfit that was known as U.S. Trademark Registration Office. U.S. Trademark Registration Office caused much confusion during a few weeks earlier this year as they sent out a trademark scam letter that was particularly troubling.

The USPTO was able to get U.S. Trademark Registration Office to comply with its demands and change its name and its mailings. However, it looks like the company was not punished in any way for their activities.

The USPTO should be commended for handling the situation quickly, efficiently, and – most important – effectively.

See below for the FOIA response from the USPTO and the correspondence between the USPTO and the U.S. Trademark Registration Office.

USPTO correpondence with U.S. Trademark Registration Office

Response to F-12-00215 Cover Letter


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