I’ve never met someone who could resist a cupcake in front of them. They’re cute. They’re sweet. Not too big, not too small.Georgetown Cupcake

In recent years, the number of places to get cupcakes has exploded. Many stores – at least here in the Washington, DC area – are dedicated to the craft of cupcakery. The USPTO reflects the trend:

Trademark applications at the USPTO featuring “cupcake or cupcakes” in the description of goods and services. I looked at 2 year intervals over the last decade to show this trend. In 10 years, the number of applications increased more than five-fold! Of course, overall applications increased during the time, but not at such a large rate.

Applications featuring “cupcake or cupcakes”:

2002 & 2003: 42 applications

2004 & 2005: 85 applications

2006 & 2007: 86 applications

2008 & 2009: 175 application

2010 & 2011: 305 applications

Older numbers reflect the trend as well.  In 1990, there were only 6 such applications. In 1985, 3. In 1980, none!


Trademark filings can easily be used to demonstrate or reflect overall trends in business and pop culture.


Applications featuring “website or web site or websites or web sites” have taken a quick rise and an interesting dip:

1995: 230 applications

2000: 15,360 applications

2005: 6,423 applications

2011: 19,736 applications


Applications featuring “social” goods or services have jumped considerably in a recent years:

 2011: 9,262 applications

2005: 1,458 applications

2000: 1,207 applications

1995:  466 applications


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