When hiring counsel (or a non-legal service) to handle trademark protection, I recommend that business owners inquire about the following:

  • Experience: How long? How in depth?
  • Technology: Do you use a platform to docket deadlines and track the status at the USPTO automatically? Have you built software or apps for clients and other to use?
  • Flat fees: Is the total cost predictable? Will I be charged by the hour? Will I be charged for your time if I have any questions?
  • Thought Leadership: Have you spoken and written and engaged with others on trademark topics? Or do you practice in a silo? Where can I learn about your speaking and writing experience?
  • Customer Service: Who will I be dealing with during this process? How large is your office? How long should I expect to wait for a response if I have a question by phone or email?
  • Testimonials: Do you have reviews and testimonials from past clients to share?

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