The worldwide headquarters of Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC® are located just 90 miles or so from the epicenter of yesterday’s 5.8 earthquake. Yes, we felt it considerably. Thankfully, no one was hurt. A few pictures shook, file cabinets opened, and ceiling tiles shifted. 

Of course, earthquakes are serious matters. For fun, below are few earthquake related registered trademarks (click mark or logo for USPTO records). Shockingly, there are only 90 registered trademarks containing -quake- (but not Quaker, which is a considerably different meaning). Tip: here is how I located the relevant data from the USPTO website: a free form search of TESS for “(*quake*)[BI] and (live)[ld] not (0)[rn] not (*quaker*)[bi]”.

  • – Paper Goods and Printed Matter, namely autograph books, binders, bookmarks, bumper stickers, calendars, catalogs in the field of baseball, children’s activity books, children’s books, decals, sporting event programs, merchandise bags, newsletters in the field of baseball, note pads, paper containers, paper pennants, paper baseball game schedules, pens, pencils, postcards, posters, printed awards, printed game tickets, printed guides in the field of baseball, reference books in the field of baseball, score books, score cards, score sheets, stationery, stickers, sticker albums and trading cards 
  • – speakers for cards, electric crossovers, car stereos
  • EVERY DAY IS EARTHQUAKE SEASON IN CALIFORNIA – Registered by “California Earthquake Authority”, a state agency for: Insurance underwriting in the field of earthquake residential property insurance; financial services in the nature of providing financial incentives and assistance to private individuals, and to private and public entities, for earthquake risk reduction research and earthquake loss mitigation; Educational services, namely, distributing printed and electronic information and conducting seminars in the field of earthquake risk reduction and loss mitigation
  • QUAKEGUARDIAN – Seismic restraint and anchoring system comprising tie down straps, cords and metal and non-metal fasteners for preventing damage to beverage bottles during earthquakes
  • – Professional engineering and research in the field of earthquake forecasting
  • CHEESEQUAKE – reduced fat ice cream confectionary treats
  • EARTHQUAKE COFFEE COMPANY – coffee; restaurant services
  • MILKQUAKE – milk shakes
  • EARTHQUAKES – Entertainment services, namely professional soccer games and exhibitions; and fan club services
  • QUAKE ON THE LAKE – Registered by Oakland County (Michigan) for: Conducting entertainment exhibitions in the nature of a water festival featuring high speed motor boat races

 Stay tuned…. it sounds like I may be posting hurricane trademarks as well this week!

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