Here in Falls Church, Virginia, we are still putting things back together (literally and figuratively) after the massive but quick storm that hit the area Friday night. With little notice, a “derecho” brought bursts of wind, lightning, and rain. Trees came down, power went out. See below for a few pictures of my neighborhood.

Four days later (each one over 95 degrees), 0ur office is still without internet, phones, or email. I am writing this (3:10 EST) on Tuesday afternoon (July 3, 2012) from a nearby Starbucks which has its power and internet restored – and is thus crowded with others cooling off and charging up.

Five days ago I had never heard of a “derecho!” “Derecho” means “straight” or “upright”  in Spanish and describes  a long straight-line storm. See Wikipedia entry.

It turns out that there is at least one relevant registered trademark:

U.S. Trademark Registration 4116095 was issued in March 2012 for “DERECHO” for use with “distilled spirits.” See USPTO records. What a great name! Suggestive of a wild time, so a good name for an adult beverage.

DERECHO image from

Photos from my neighborhood:


Have a terrific and safe Fourth of July!


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