Another big snow storm hits the East Coast this weekend. Here in DC, the preparations and warnings have been extensive. Here are some fun snow and winter themed trademark filings from the last few years, including many POLAR VORTEX filings (note that many are pending applications) [Click marks for USPTO records]:

  • RED, WHITE & SNOW – Charitable fundraising services by means of a culinary, wine and ski festival
  • POLAR VORTEX – snow sleds
  • POLAR VORTEX – breath freshener
  • Polar Vortex Ice Melt – Chemical preparations for melting snow and ice
  • SnoShark – Hand tool, namely, a hand-operated tool for removing snow
  • SNOW AND TELL – Beer, ale, lager, stout and porter
  • EL NINO BUSTERS – Restoration in the field of fire, smoke, flood, and water damage restoration; mold remediation; bath resurfacing; counter resurfacing; carpet cleaning; painting; Renovation and restoration of buildings
  • SNOW BOOGER REMOVER – A hand-held utility tool for removing ice and snow deposits from vehicles
  • SNOWOPOLIS – Ice cream shop services in the nature of a restaurant
  • SNOWZILLA – Restaurants featuring frozen desserts, namely, snow cream, snow ice, and shaved ice
  • SNOW MERCY – Entertainment services, namely, live stage performances in the nature of lectures for hire in the field of adult entertainment by an individual; Entertainment services in the nature of ongoing television performances in the field of adult entertainment; Entertainment services in the nature of film production; Entertainment services in the nature of live dance performances; Fashion modeling for entertainment purposes; Entertainment services, namely, spokesperson appearances by a professional entertainer;  Cosmetics, namely, fragrances
  • I AM SNOW ANGEL – Entertainment services in the nature of recording, production and post-production services in the field of music; entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable playback of music via global communications networks; music production services; music publishing services; song writing services for non-advertising purposes; Entertainment services in the nature of live music concerts, live music shows and live musical performances
  • WE NO SNOW – metal and non-metal roof vents for heating, cooling, and ventilation in residential and commercial buildings
  • EL NIÑO QUE VINO DEL MAR – Entertainment services in the nature of a continuing dramatic show broadcast over the internet and an ongoing dramatic television program
  • INDOOR SNOWBALL FIGHT – Synthetic fiber play balls

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