Several trademarks feature fun plays on “Thanksgiving.” For example (click for USPTO records):

  • FRIENDSGIVING -Charitable fundraising services
  • TANKSGIVING – Entertainment services in the nature of audio-visual programming and content, namely, on-going non-fiction shows featuring subjects of general human interest distributed through audio and video media, namely, television, satellite, wireless, fiber optics, cable, radio and a global computer network; information regarding on-going non-fiction shows provided via a global computer network
  • BEERSGIVING – beer
  • PRANKSGIVING – Entertainment services in the nature of an annual television programming event in the field of children’s entertainment.
  • SHRIMPSGIVING – fish and seafood
  • BRATSGIVING – meat
  • WAKESGIVING – Providing events featuring waterskiing and wakeboarding for entertainment and educational purposes; entertainment services, namely, providing events featuring waterskiing and wakeboarding



Tune in tomorrow for more fun Thanksgiving trademarks!

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