I’m in Dallas for a few days for the INTA conference. The city and the convention center has very nice branding, as throughout the city there are a variety of logos, posters, and promotion for the city of Dallas. Many feature the slogan “Big Things Happen Here,” which is a great slogan because it is suggestive of the Texas town and it is appropriate for promoting big events, big spending, big fun, and more.

Dallas has filed to register the slogan and the logo version with the USPTO, and both applications have been approved [click for USPTO records]:

Mark Image


In addition, their is a terrific promotion featuring the letters “B” and “G” outside several landmarks encouraging visitors to literally be a part of the “Big” and to, naturally, share and promote it via social media:

B&G Gallery: Phillip J. Jones, President & CEO of the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau

photo from: http://www.visitdallas.com/big/photo-gallery/

Interestingly, I also noticed that the New York State Department of Economic Development also filed for BIG HAPPENS HERE, and that application has also been approved by the USPTO.  Is there a possible dispute brewing? To see how the state of NY uses that slogan, see http://www.thenewny.com/.

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