The following is an edited transcript of my video Great Trademarks Are Everywhere…You Just Have to Look (to see the images discussed, view the video at end of this post)

When I’m out and about, I’m always cognizant of the brands around me, in particular paying attention to—and amazed by—creative brand names.

When developing a new trademark or brand name, it sometimes seems challenging to come up with something unique, new, and important. But it’s worth the effort. I want to share some examples of some great brand names that I’ve recently come across.

You can see the hat that I’m wearing in the video has the logo of the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, which is a minor league baseball team in Jacksonville, Florida. Beautiful stadium, great ballpark, fun time. Jumbo Shrimp is an oxymoron, it’s unique, and it’s fun, which makes it a great name.

I recently was behind a food truck that was a play on K-pop, Korean pop music, and was called K-Bop.

How about jar of pickles that I found in the supermarket that uses the slogan “NOT YOUR TYPICKLE PICKLE”, using a creative play on the spelling of the word pickle within the word typical.

A beer company based in Philadelphia with the slogan “Brew Unto Others”, a witty play on words.

A pho restaurant called Ph’East, P-H’ E-A-S-T.

Panera restaurants donate all of their leftover food items—particularly the breads and pastries at the end of every day—to local organizations such as nonprofits and homeless shelters. Their program is called “Dough Nation”, D-O-U-G-H Nation, which of course rhymes with “donation”.

Finally, on a summer day at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland, I came across Beachin’ Bikes rental shop.

Great brand names are everywhere. You just have to look and pay attention.

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