We are in the midst of the 8 night celebration of Hanukah. Here are some fun Hanukah themed trademark registrations:

Latke Larry features the voice of Jerry Stiller! Click photo for more information

For those celebrating the holiday, have a Happy Hanukah!

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  1. A few more that I missed earlier!
    – Gamenut Dreidel – Reg. 3882801 for ‘spinning tops’
    – World Series of Dreidel – Reg. 3292450 for ‘Entertainment services, namely, conducting a game of chance played with a four-sided top; gambling services’
    – Major League Dreidel – Reg. 3730220 for ‘Entertainment in the nature of dreidel tournaments. Conducting and providing facilities for dreidel tournaments. Providing a website through which people can locate information about dreidel tournaments, events and competitions’
    – No Limit Texas Dreidel – Reg. 3463641 for ‘Action skill games; Card games; Dice games; Equipment sold as a unit for playing card games; Game randomizer for randomly determining game play in a parlor game, sold as a component part thereof; Manipulative games; Memory games; Parlor games; Party games; Spinning tops; Party favors in the nature of small toys; Children’s multiple activity toys; Children’s multiple activity toys sold as a unit with printed books’
    <img src="http://www.texasdreidel.com/_include/images/StandardEdition_low.jpg&quot; alt="No Limit Texas Dreidel kit from http://www.texasdreidel.com” />
    – Go All Spin – slogan for the above “No Limit Texas Dreidel” game. Reg. 3463698 .

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