(via had a great article this week telling the story and derivation of some very successful electronics names (including Nokia, Nintendo, and Kodak).

How 16 Electronics Companies Got Their Names –

The common theme is that they are all creative (CISCO is short for San Francisco; ATARI is from the board game Go; CANON is from “Kwanon” after the Buddhist goddess of mercy; MAGNAVOX is Latin for “great voice”).  Many are made up words or creative twists on existing words, or inspired by foreign language terms.

If your goal is to have a big brand someday, having a strong trademark makes the climb to the top a lot easier.  A brand name such as  COUNTRY HARDWARE STORE or SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING PRO is nearly impossible to make stand out from the field of competition – and a nightmare for lawyers trying to protect it.

Lesson: Dream big, and dream up a great trademark to help your brand get there!

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