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And a Twitter feed on which I post – almost daily – an interesting trademark. Recent examples:

  • interesting trademark 142: Nike footwear tread configuration. http://ow.ly/34KPB
  • interesting trademark 141: TEAM COCO pending application. http://ow.ly/34KEY  #teamcoco #conan
  • interesting trademark 140: who owns Tea Party name? 50+ US TM apps filed in 2010 containing TEA + PARTY! http://ow.ly/i/5cCk #teaparty
  • interesting trademark 139: Post-It note configuration in “canary yellow” from 3M. http://ow.ly/30Mm3
  • interesting trademark 138: WE ANSWER TO A HIGHER AUTHORITY Hebrew National slogan, one of my all time favorites! http://ow.ly/30MjI
  • interesting trademark #137: WORLD SERIES. http://ow.ly/30qEd #worldseries #giants #rangers
  • interesting trademark #136: THE FALL CLASSIC @worldseries http://ow.ly/30qug #baseball #worldseries #giants #rangers
  • interesting trademark #135: Fruit Stripe gum stripe design http://ow.ly/2ZhG2
  • interesting trademark #134: Hershey Kiss “silver colored wrapper” shape. http://ow.ly/2ZhDh
  • interesting trademark #133: Hershey Kiss shape, used since 1907. http://ow.ly/2ZhzO
  • interesting trademark #132: Rolex watch face design. http://ow.ly/2YCJC

For videos of my presentations, see my YouTube page at www.erikpelton.tv.

And finally, there is indeed “an app for that”! Apptorney: IP is a iPhone app developed and designed by our firm containing organized links to US and international resources for trademarks, patents, searches, blogs, and more!  Download here or visit www.apptorney.com for more information.

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