Our firm recently launched a slogan:

Experience is our trademark. Trademark is our experience.SM

Experience is our trademark. Trademark is our experience.

Since we are constantly working with clients to launch new product names, brands, logos and slogans, it is always a good exercise for us to experience the same process. We already own and use several trademarks: tm4smallbiz.com®; our firm logo; smar(tm)ark® – our firm newsletter; IPELTON® blog title; and Apptorney®, our iPhone application.

Here are the steps we took in creating, launching and protecting our new slogan:

– We decided that adding a slogan to our marketing materials which communicated something about our services would be a nice addition to the materials.

– We decided on the the message we wanted to communicate. With more than 10 years in business,  over 1,000 trademark registrations obtained for clients,  and my experience as a former USPTO trademark examiner, we decided that communicating our experience was important. We also wanted to communicate that trademark is our focus and the overwhelming majority of what we do. We don’t dabble in trademarks. We live and breathe trademarks every single day.

– We brainstormed possible slogan ideas that touched on the message. Ultimately, we settled on the slogan Experience is our trademark. Trademark is our experience.SM   The slogan excited us because in addition to communicating the message we sought,  it has rhythm and symmetry.

–  We searched to make sure no one was using a similar slogan in our field, and we searched the USPTO trademark records to make sure no one had registered or filed for anything similar.

– We incorporated the logo into our new press kit (below) and some other materials to begin using it.

– We made sure to use proper trademark notice as we began using the slogan – using ‘SM’ on the right should and bold or italics when using it amongst other text to make it stand out.

– We filed to register the slogan with the USPTO and received application Serial No. 85190938.

– We began to use the slogan even more. For example, we recently ordered new letterhead and placed the slogan on it.

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What do you think of our new slogan?

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