The USPTO website has a unique page with the records of each pending application and each registration. It even has many old (‘dead’) applications and registrations. These pages are accessible via Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) at

What does TSDR do? TSDR may look straightforward, but it can do quite a lot:

  • provide the status of each record;
  • provide a static link than can be sent to others to demonstrate the existence of a USPTO trademark application or registration;
  • access the procedural history of an application or registration;
  • view and download any documents from the file history of an application or registration, including Office Actions, responses to Office Actions, specimens of use, renewal filings, and more;
  • retrieve a PDF copy of a registration certificate;
  • view the goods and/or services and International Classifications thereof connected to an application or registration;
  • view any “Disclaimer” claims;
  • determine whether a record is on the Principal Register or Supplemental Register
  • view the “Drawing” of a standard character or design/logo mark;
  • play the audio for a sound mark;
  • view registration renewal and maintenance deadlines and filings;
  • view Assignment records and documents for an application or registrations;
  • view “Proceeding” documents from any TTAB Opposition, Cancellation, or Ex Parte Appeal matter;
  • and more.

To view the full details of an application or registration, including the procedural history, click “Expand All” on the right hand side of the screen.

To access documents, including registration certificates, click the “Documents” tab.

TSDR is a valuable tool for any trademark practitioner. I use it all the time in reference to both applications or registrations where I am attorney of record, as well as to research third-party records that might affect a client or be part of a dispute, or the could provide valuable information in responding to an Office Action.

For example, below is the “Status” display for a particular registration record.

For more information, see the USPTO’s TSDR FAQ page.

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