The following is an edited transcript of my video How to Water Your Brand for Growth

Do you have a green thumb and are good at gardening, growing vegetables, taking care of plants? I wish that I did, but I do not – I have probably killed as many plants around the house over the years as I have cared for. But I am trying to improve, and actually in the last year or so, we revived a plant at the office that came from a very special friend who had passed away, and the plant was not doing well when I took over for it. It has been revived and regrown, and we water it, and so it’s extra special. I talk about my lack of green thumb, because it relates to so much of my branding, where I use sunflowers and plantings as metaphors, and I use the tagline, Making Trademarks Bloom Since 1999.

I want to share with you how to water your brand for growth. You can see in the video version and the accompanying visual that Chad Barr and his wonderful team have designed, which shows that by consistently providing for your brand, like consistently watering your plants, and doing the following things, your brand will be positioned for wonderful growth and success. Those five things are:

  1. Solid trademark protection. Registration, monitoring, enforcement, all the things that go into trademark protection–of course, starting with a bold brand.
  2. Prolific marketing is the second prong of watering your brand for growth. Prolific marketing: getting your brand out there. You might have a great brand, but if nobody knows about it, what good is it serving? So, you need to market, whether it’s online, on video, on radio, on social media, prolific marketing.
  3. Great content. You may have prolific marketing and a great brand name and logo, but if the content of your marketing isn’t resonating to connect with consumers and to talk about your products or services, it’s going to fall flat. So, you want to take advantage of that prolific marketing with great content.
  4. And you want to use a style guide. A style guide will ensure that all of this content in marketing is cohesive, that you’re using the proper and consistent versions of your logos, your taglines, your colors, your fonts, etc. See my past episode for more details about that. Having a style guide, I’ve really found, helps a business, helps a brand, make sure that everything is tied together and tight when it comes to this marketing to water that brand for growth.
  5. Finally, great customer service, because customer service is very important for your public interaction with your business, your products, your services, and your brand. Even if you’re doing all these other things, you’ve got a great bold protected trademark, you’re marketing with great content, it’s cohesive with a style guide, but when people connect with your brand and your business, if the service isn’t high quality, that’s not going to be positioning your brand for growth.

If you tie these five things together and consistently water them onto your brand, you will be not only prepared for great growth, you will be expecting and experiencing great growth.

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