Trademarks reflect business changes and the overall economy. As a result, trademark filings at the USPTO reflect a lot of innovation across many fields. The register of trademarks documents just about every business (or societal) innovation in some manner, from Big Macs to iPhones to SpaceX.

The field of trademarks itself features innovations and innovators as well; as well as many traditional law firms. As in any industry, some in the field of trademarks create change, and some follow in their path set by others.

If your company is innovative, what type of trademark counsel would serve you best? Innovators or  traditional attorneys?

At Erik M. Pelton & Associates, we have worked innovatively with innovators since 1999:

  • developers of one of the first iPhone apps for IP attorneys (Apptorney®);
  • flat fees for all trademark applications projects;
  • built our own proprietary docketing software to track USPTO status and deadlines daily;
  • providers of secure free cloud-based trademark application monitoring tool (sofTMware®);
  • speaking to business organizations and conferences such as food truck expos;
  • counsel for more than 20 non-traditional trademark registrations: product packaging, building shapes, a lunchbox shape, jewelry shapes, bottle shapes, and more
  • pro bono counsel for dozens of veteran owned small businesses and organizations; and
  • writing, tweeting, blogging, and creating videos about trademark issues facing businesses for years (IPelton® blog, @tm4smallbiz®).

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