Here on the East Coast in the Mid-Atlantic, we have been anticipating the arrival of 2013 cicadas for weeks. For example, see this Huffington Post article: Cicadas Northern Virginia: 2013 ‘Swarmageddon’ Insects Spotted In D.C. Area. Trillions (!!) of the insects will emerge from the ground and make noise.

[side note = check out this cool map of the cicada situation from WNYC]

So, are there any “CICADA” trademarks? Of course! There are 11 registrations and one application pending that feature the terms. Here are some of the more interesting ones (click for USPTO records):

  • CICADA  – registered for fishing lures
  • CICADA – registered for jewelry (see
  • CICADA – registered for veterinary services and other services and goods for animals
  • BURNING CICADA – registered for Entertainment services, namely live music concerts; audio recording and production; music production services; record, compact disc, cassette tape, and digital music production; videotape and digital video disk production; and multimedia entertainment software production services
  • CICADA – registered for ‘Entertainment in the nature of horseraces’
  • CICADA – application for ‘beer’ filed on April 30, 3013
  • CICADA – registered for “Folding knives and multi-functional hand tool comprised of a knife, scissors, a bottle opener and an LED light”




Nymphs regularly emerge from the ground in large numbers, with some species of periodical cicadas appearing regionally only once every 17 years.  Credit: Michael Raupp,

Credit: Michael Raupp,



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