Friday marks a US Presidential inauguration, a once every four year event.

There are only a handful of registered trademarks that featuring inauguration words (click marks for USPTO records):

  • INAUGURAL RED – registered for beer
  • PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURAL CONFERENCE – registered for conferences in the field of American national government
  • Mark Image– registered for  Educational and entertainment services, namely, organizing activities related to the presidential inaugural, and more
  • INAUGURATION STATION – registered for Retail store and on-line retail store services featuring souvenirs and memorabilia
  • Mark Image– registered for collectible coins; Commemorative coins; Monetary coin sets for collecting purposes; Souvenir pressed coins
  • INAUGURATION – Colognes, perfumes and cosmetics; Eau de perfume; Eau de toilette and eau de cologne; Perfumes, aftershaves and colognes.
  • PRESIDENTIAL YOUTH INAUGURAL CONFERENCE – Educational services, namely conducting seminars in the field of American national government
  • WASHINGTON LINK – Registered for Special event and reception planning services; production of special events and entertainment events, namely, galas, educational exhibitions, presidential inauguration parties, award programs, weddings, dinners, receptions, educational conferences and meetings
  • MARDI GRAS PRODUCTIONS – registered for entertainment services, namely, production of balls, galas, inaugurations, and corporate parties; lighting productions; wedding party planning and production.

And a party that has received a lot of media attention in recent weeks:

  • DeploraBall – Arranging and conducting special events for business purposes

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