The mustache, whether real or fake, has somehow become a fashionable accessory this year. And there are many interesting mustache trademarks in the records of the USPTO.

Several of these trademarks are “non-traditional” meaning they are not logos, but rather shapes or other three-dimensional designs such as glasses with handing mustaches and mustaches that affix to the front of a car.

Money Green Carstache

image from

For example, each of the following was filed in recent years:

  • Trademark image– Hats; Men’s underwear; Pants; Shirts; Shorts; Socks; Tank tops; Underwear
  • Trademark image– a wide variety of clothing
  • Trademark image– pending application for wine
  • Trademark image(pending application by Carstache LLC) [The mark consists of the color pink, which is used on plush fabric accessories in the shape of a mustache.] Novelty items specially adapted for automobiles, namely, plush fabric mustaches that attach to the grilles of cars and trucks
  • Trademark image– Eyewear, namely, novelty eyewear
  • Mark Image– pending application for Clothing, namely, shirts, pants, caps, hats, sweaters, sweat shirts, bandanas, headbands, wristbands, jackets, tank tops, ties, beanies, underwear, bathing suits, jerseys, and belts
  • Trademark image– pending application for Eyeglasses and Sunglasses
  • Trademark image– pending application for Import-export agencies for coffee; retail store services featuring tea; retail store services featuring coffee beans; price comparison services for coffee; retail store services featuring coffee; retail store services featuring coffee machines; retail store services featuring tableware for coffee; advice in the field of business management and marketing for coffee houses; information or enquiries on business and marketing for coffee houses; retail store services featuring confectionery for coffee houses; retail store services featuring bread for coffee house; retail store services featuring cocoa
  • Trademark image– pending application by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. for plates, cups, drinking glasses, ceramic mugs, travel mugs, bowls, cookie jars, serving dishes, canister sets and canisters for food
  • Trademark image – pending application for Transportation of passengers by motorized vehicle; Transportation of passengers by vehicle through a network of transportation providers; and other services
  • Trademark image– Headgear, namely, novelty hats and caps; Knitted caps
  • Trademark image– [The mark consists of a fanciful mustache-shape positioned on the upper lip of a face suggestive of white or flavored milk. The shape of a human head is shown in dotted lines and is not claimed as a feature of the mark.] Association services, namely, promoting the interests of fluid milk processors; promoting public awareness of the benefits of milk through advertising

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