Here are some great variations on the phrase”Sh__ Happens” filed as trademarks with the USPTO:

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  • STITT HAPPENS – pending application for clothing filed by Robert Stitt. According to Wikipedia, “Robert “Bob” Allen Stitt is the head football coach for the Colorado School of Mines. He is nationally known as the innovator of the Fly-Sweep play and his unique offensive mind.”
  • IT HAPPENS – pending application for “Plastic and paper bags for disposing of pet waste”
  • SIT HAPPENS – pending application for “wheelchair cushions, wheelchair pads, headrests for use with wheelchairs, amputee support devices for use with wheelchairs, lap trays for use with wheelchairs, backrests for use with wheelchairs, lateral supports for use with wheelchairs, hardware for use in attaching accessories to wheelchairs”
  • lit-happens – registered for “Legal consulting services in the field of litigations and legal trials”
  • SHIFT HAPPENS – registered for “Dental services, namely, orthodontic services”
  • split happens – registered for “Shampoos, conditioners, non-medicated hair serums, hair care preparations, styling gels, hair styling mousses and hair styling preparations”
  • FIT HAPPENS – registered for ‘Providing recreational facilities and health club facilities, namely weight and aerobic training, cardiovascular fitness training, yoga and martial arts training”
  • SPIT HAPPENS – registered for “baby bibs”

Tip: Using puns and plays on words are great ways to create catchy, memorable brands!


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One thought on “Interesting play-on-word trademarks: _____ Happens

  1. Great Little article !!
    I am the trademark holder for “Lit-Happens”.
    Many Judges and Attorneys give a chuckle when they see or hear the name.
    There is also Sip-Happens that is a Wine Club.

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