The following is an edited transcript of my video, Invest in Your Brand Protection and Watch it Grow.

You know those commercials for investment services that always have more legal disclaimers than a normal commercial stating that they can’t guarantee success, and every case is unique? I’m going to spare you the disclaimers here, but I want to talk about how investing in brand protection can be just like a successful investment in the stock market or a savings account over time.

I believe that investing in your brand over a long time is sure to grow by leaps and bounds, and time is really the important factor. We’ve covered in other videos and podcasts the key elements of protecting your name, like starting with a unique name, clearing it unique in your industry, clearing it and filing to register it, and then using the proper trademark symbols.

The earlier you start taking these steps, and then the longer time elapses, the stronger your brand will grow based on that investment of having protected it multiplying over time. It’s akin to compound interest where you’re constantly reinvesting the gains over time…. every year, the trademark becomes successively that much stronger and that much more protected.

There are legal principles that tie into this: time it gets harder and harder for someone to challenge your trademark. And over time, a trademark that may have started out as weak can grow and strengthen and acquire distinctiveness. When you bring all this together, it really is like watching the stock market go up over time. If you invest early and you keep investing that interest or those dividends back into the brand protection, you’ll see your brand and its protection grow over time.

If you want to consult with me about how to invest in your brand and whether or not you’re missing some of the key elements here to ensure that its protection grows over time, send me an email to erik at; just don’t bother leaving me any stock tips because I don’t really know that much about investing in the stock market. I’ll stick to investing in brands.

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