I confess that I’m no expert on investing, stocks, and finance. But I do know that over time, the stock market almost always goes up. Even where there are downswings, playing the long game tends to lead to significant gains. A savings account will grow over time as well – with compound interest –  and brand protection works much the same way: invest in good trademark protection early on in a brand, and over time watch it grow and grow. Because time adds to a brand’s protection much like compounding interest, and because the registration process takes a year on average—the sooner a brand is protected, the better it will be protected.

In fact, this article on the power compound interest notes that :

The magic ingredient that makes compound interest work best is time.

The simple fact is that WHEN YOU START saving outweighs how much you save.

Time grows savings. And time adds to the trademark protection – so the earlier and sooner a brand begins protecting, the better. A brand that is five years old and unregistered cannot go back and start the registration process from when it launched; but it can apply to register immediately, without adding to the delay. Because the sooner it is protected, the more it will benefit from the protections.

Invest early in trademark protection, and the protection will pay dividends.

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