With its oil catastrophe now more than a month old, BP will clearly face major issues in the future as it presumably attempts to restore its image, brand and consumer trust.  Of course, the primary concern is for the environment and the damage that the oil will have on the Gulf region for many years to come. There are many other ripple effects – the Gulf economy, our country’s dependence on oil energy, the pros and cons of drilling, and more. One small ripple effect will be BP itself and whether it will be damaged for years, as I believe the Exxon brand was after the Valdez spill, or whether it can be restored. Perhaps there is a way that BP can be solve the leak and be pro-active in aiding the clean up, taking responsibility, and promoting a reduction in our reliance on oil?

What about the BP brand before this mess?  I actually loved it. It represented a departure for oil and energy companies – a link with nature and alternative energies. I don’t know enough about the company to know whether their actions supporting the image of the brand, but the brand for me had a great image and was more creative, young, green and energetic than most or all other petroleum companies.

Since the introduction of the new logo about 10 years ago, BP has used the slogan “Beyond Petroleum” which promoted a ‘green’ and alternative energy theme.  The logo features the color green and a features a design that evokes the sun, plants, and flowers. Ideas that come to mind from their logo: refreshing, young, alive, clean, regrowth. The perfect image (prior to the Gulf accident) for an energy company because it directly counters all the negative ideas we are likely to have about oil companies.

BP – a logo and brand that I love, and I hope for our sake and their sake that that they can rectify the harm done in the Gulf as soon as possible.

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