Jiffy Lube name & logo — love them!

This week I needed to get an oil change for my car.  There is a Jiffy Lube a few blocks from my office.  Never before had I thought consciously about the Jiffy Lube name, nor had I ever really noticed their logo in any detail.

The name: JIFFY LUBE®.  The name says it all in a very suggestive manner – quick oil change.  It has a nice sound or ring to it.  Its catchy.  It is simple and conveys the number one message that the brand desires to represent as distinguishing it from competitors — its quick.

The logo: Before I looked at the logo carefully this week,I did not realize that it contains the shapes of both a “J” and an “L”.   The movement and arrow, to me, represent the idea of driving in and driving out quickly, continuing or enhancing the theme of the name.  Perhaps it is also a reference to a dip-stick?

Combined, the name and logo say it all — the brand stands for one thing primarily: quick service for your oil.  And they convey the message well.  As a result, I love it.

Lesson: A name and a logo do not need to be fancy or elegant to convey a powerful message about your brand.  What message does your brand name and logo convey?

Postscript: Jiffy Lube has apparently been unveiling a new logo, displayed below.  I think the changes are unnecessary and don’t enhance the name or the brand in any significant way.  The old logo has a classic feel, the new logo is much sleeker.  Apparently, Jiffy Lube wants you to think of it as a newer, sleeker, brand, not one that has stood the test of time.

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