I am proud to have been selected the “Member of the Month” by the Society for Advancement of Consulting founded by the esteemed Alan Weiss.

Society for Advancement of Consulting, LLC - www.consultingsociety.com

In a recent blog post (here), Alan noted that:

Consultants help improve the client’s condition by providing ideas, advice, intellectual property, best practices, proprietary approaches, unique behavior and other interventions which not only make them distinctly attractive, but draw people to them. Consultants are not another pair of hands. They are a new brain.

At Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC we are more than attorneys, more than your representatives for U.S.P.TO. or court filings – we provide trademark and brand consulting to create strategies with business owners regarding the best ways to grow and protect successful brands and to create and leverage intellectual property. You could find anyone with a law degree and a little experience to file trademark application for you. For that matter, you can find document filing services that will do it for you without using an attorney. But will they get to know your business and your goals, and help you craft a strategy to grow and strengthen your brand? Will they provide you with feedback and guidance regarding branding decisions and choices? Will they provide you with immense value combining this guidance, consulting, and legal counsel?

See www.conslutingsociety.com for articles, publications, and member profiles.

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