Since my last Trump inspired post in December, there have been many more trademark filings inspired by businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump. Many are likely to be rejected by the USPTO because they create a false suggestion, or because they fail to function as a mark, or due to a likelihood of confusion with registered Trump trademarks. Click marks below for USPTO records:

Creative puns:

Other recent filings:

  • TRUMPMOJI – Computer application software for mobile phones, namely, software for sharing information on social media; Computer graphics software; Downloadable computer graphics; Downloadable graphics for mobile phones
  • – Web site services featuring on-line dating club
  • MAKE JERKY GREAT AGAIN – On-line retail store services featuring meat-based snack foods
  • MAKE MY BODY GREAT AGAIN – Hats; Pants; Shirts; Shorts
  • MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN – Hat bands; Hats for infants, babies, toddlers and children; Sweat shirts; T-shirts; Athletic apparel, namely, shirts, pants, jackets, footwear, hats and caps, athletic uniforms; Baseball caps and hats; Children’s and infant’s apparel, namely, jumpers, overall sleepwear, pajamas, rompers and one-piece garments; Gloves for apparel; Hooded sweat shirts; Sports caps and hats; Toboggan hats, pants and caps; Women’s hats and hoods
  • MAKE AMERICA WHOLE AGAIN – Headgear, namely, hats; Wearable garments and clothing, namely, shirts
  • MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN logo – Clothing, namely, t-shirts
  • MAKE SEX GREAT AGAIN -online wholesale and retail store services; and other goods
  • TRUMP FENCE COMPANY logo – Installing fencing plus a variety of goods
  • DUMP TRUMP – Polo shirts; Shorts; Sweatpants; Sweatshirts; T-shirts
  • TRUMPOCRAT – Bandanas; Belts; Bottoms; Hats; Headwear; Pajamas; Pants; Scarves; Shirts; Shoes; T-shirts; Ties; Tops; T-shirts

Trademark image

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