I wondered immediately when I saw this last week, whether the Naked Cowboy had a claim?


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One thought on “Naked Indian in NYC's Times Square – infringing the Naked Cowboy trademark?

  1. I wondered the same thing when I recently saw a man in Times Square who was clearly not the NAKED COWBOY wearing only underwear with the words NAKED COWBOY and holding a guitar. So I said to him: “Your not the NAKED COWBOY!” And he told me he had his permission to use the NAKED COWBOY name. And another man came by, who was also clearly not the NAKED COWBOY, and I was told that this second man is also an authorized NAKED COWBOY. “It’s like a franchise” he said to me. So the original Naked Cowboy may be licensing his name and image so others can do his hustling for him. Trademark Licensing at its best in Times Square. Think SESAME STREET gets a cut from that ELMO?

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