A few weekends ago, I had an amazing experience as I was present at the US Naval base in Norfolk, Virginia for the official commissioning of the USS Arlington, an amphibious transport dock.  This was my first experience at a commissioning and it was tremendous. We got to witness (and thank them for) the service our of troops who will be using and living on board the ship. We got to hear speeches about the ship and about its name – in honor of the lives lost at the Pentagon on 9/11 and also in honor of the first responders at that scene. And we had the opportunity to tour the ship. For more about the ship, see Wikipaedia page.

The ship’s logo is terrific (for more about the symbols and what they mean, see here):

And on board the ship, I found many trademark for special instruments, equipment, and other items. Here are some photos of the trademarks and of the ship – click for larger images:

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