This week the finals of the NBA and the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs commence. In the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks square off against the Miami Heat. In the NHL, the Boston Bruins take on the Vancouver Canucks. Which logos and trademarks are the best of the best?

Boston Bruins

  • The Bruins name is not unique (UCLA), but the bear meaning and motif fits the hockey sport even though it doesn’t quite fit Boston.  The spoked-B logo is apparently a nod to the “hub” nickname for Boston.  I prefer the older bear version of the logo better.  The “hub” is probably lost on a lot of people, and it looks rather simple with no connection to hockey and reminds me of a ship captain’s wheel.

Vancouver Canucks

  • Great name. Horrible logo. The Canucks’ logo is hideous and childish, and an attempt to be trendy. Other than the “C,” the whale jumping out of ice has little direct connection to Vancouver or Canada.  However, the team name is cool and unique; ‘Canuck’ is slang for Canadian.

Miami Heat

  • The “Heat” is an odd team name – but that is good. It is unique. It is not a physical thing such as an animal or person. But that makes it unique and different and creative. And it fits Florida well. And the logo featuring a halo/basketball rim and a flaming ball is simple and good. The font in the logo is odd. But overall I like the brand package.

Dallas Mavericks

  • The Mavericks have a cool name. It comes from the TV show Maverick – James Garner was one of the original owners – and it represents Texas style and attitude well and is relatively unique. But the logo is hideous. An odd shape (shield?) and modern slick design. A horse head meshed with a basketball. It is not very good in my opinion.
  • I really like the simplicity and character and colors of the old Mavericks Logo:


Of the four teams remaining in the NBA and NHL, which brand is best? The mavericks logo and the Canucks logo are unimpressive. The Bruins logo is fair. But the HEAT name is unique and the logo is simple yet creative. I like the Heat brand best among those teams left.




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