My kids are on summer break, so they have been watching Netflix from time to time – and my daughter noticed the new ‘N’ logo this week. Children see logos and brands far more than most people realize. The new Netflix ‘N’ logo does not replace the NETFLIX text logo, but will be an icon for use on apps and elsewhere.1144

Cover art

The new ‘N’ could be a red carpet, which is a nice subtle suggestion of the movies. (Speculation from one article: “What really strikes me is the logo’s core visual metaphor. What is that ribbon? Is it a red carpet? Is it a celluloid film print? Is it the visualization of Netflix’s own stream, bouncing from them to servers to your own home?”)

The new ‘N’ is simple, but not too simple. A basic N with no features might be too simple. As a result, I like the new Netflix design.

Tip: Many businesses will need to consider app or small versions of their logos as more of the world moves to small screens and quick interactions (so loading time differences of nanoseconds are key as well). Google and others have done small revisions to simplify (shrink) their logos as well in recent years.

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