The USPTO has added an interesting feature to their website this month.For each of the trademark application online filings available, the USPTO has included a PDF image showing what the entire form looks like. This feature is useful because otherwise to get the 2nd “page” of the application and beyond, one must input data, and because there was not one view available showing the entire application form until the process is completed.

For example, the form shows:

– Many warnings and cautions from the USPTO.

– The large amount of information required in numerous different fields throughout the application. Using the wrong information, or putting in the wrong place, could affect or even void an application.

– The USPTO asks for the applicant’s telephone number. I never put the applicant’s phone number in the application. It is a public record and based on the number of junk or scam emails that result from using it in the USPTO public records I do not trust putting someone’s home or cell phone  number into the record.

– Inputting a proper description of goods and/or services is not simple. If using the TEAS USPTO’s online ID manual, the choices may be limited, redundant or inaccurate.

– Email address for contact. A proper email that is not going to change or expire is critical. The USPTO’s primary means of contact will be email. If additional information or response is required, notification will be sent via email. When such an email is sent, there is a strict deadline for responding. Missing the USPTO’s email could lead to missed deadlines which could mean abandonment (and potentially problems caused by it, as well as a loss of the USPTO filing fees).

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