I have posted a new video on our video channel. The video is a basic introduction to trademark infringement issues for the trademark owner.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7DxaUITVm4&w=560&h=349]

A presentation from Erik M. Pelton & Associates, a boutique trademark law firm regarding trademark infringement issues. Information is provided about what is trademark infringement and dilution, and how small businesses should consider approaching infringement situations as both plaintiffs and defendants.

We welcome suggestions in the comments for future trademark video topics!

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0 thoughts on “New video: Trademark Infringement – what is it and how to deal with it

  1. Thanks for the post!

    We originally took out a trademark on our name “CZECH POINT” when a competitor started running ads on Google using our company name and Google said the only way they would remove it is if we had a registered trademark. That was in 2005/2006.

    Now the Czech government has rolled out 6500 offices with the exact same name and even offering services which conflict with services registered under our trademark.

    We won a favorable decision at the EU level but now need to take it to the Czech courts because the government refuses to acknowledge the infringement.

    There is more on our blog here: http://www.czechpoint101.com/newsletter/czech_point_101_news/czech-point-101-takes-on-czech-government-in-trademark-dispute/

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