Which is the best logo and brand among the teams vying for the NFL championship? The playoffs will culminate in the Super Bowl, one of the most well-known, valuable and well-protected trademarks in the US. Did you know that the shape of the ‘Vince Lombardi Trophy’ awarded to the winning team is a registered trademark?

In the NFL, the logos can be sorted into two types: old school classic looking designs, and modern sleeker designs. I generally think the classic timeless designs are the best.

Modern Logos

  • New York Jets

  • Baltimore Ravens

  • New England Patriots

  • Seattle Seahawks

  • Philadelphia Eagles

  • Atlanta Falcons

Classic Logos

  • Indianapolis Colts

  • Kansas City Chiefs

    • Since 1972. Original logo (not the most original name).
  • Pittsburgh Steelers

    • Logo used since 1962. Iconic. Simple. Original and unique.
  • New Orleans Saints

  • Green Bay Packers

    • Essentially the same since 1969
  • Chicago Bears

    • Essentially the same since 1962

Which playoff team’s logo makes the best brand and the best trademark?

Of the classic logos, the Saints logo is great and represents the city and culture of New Orleans quite well. The Steelers is excellent – the name is unique and also represents the core of the history and culture of Pittsburgh, and the logo is distinctive. The Colts name and logo are also quite unique. The C of Chicago and the G of Green Bay are good and are classics, but they do not have the character or meaning of some of the other good logos.

Of the more modern designs, I find the Patriots and Ravens logos to be hideous, although both team names are unique and provide character. The Eagles is a boring name and I’m not certain what the connection is to Philadelphia; yet the sleek and scary bird in the logo is very well done. The name goes for the Falcons – not unique and no real meaning for the city or team. Of the modern designs, the Seahawks has the nicest design. The Seahawk name, while original, is a bit odd. A Seahawk is another name for an osprey.

Overall, I like the Steelers the best!  Here are the trademark registrations owned by the Steelers:

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