Did you know that holograms can function as trademarks?

Anything that indicates the source of goods or services is capable of being a trademark. Like the hologram at the bottom right corner of this hockey trading card from Upper Deck.

I found the following hologram marks among those registered with the USPTO [click images for USPTO records]:

  •  Mark Image – computer network services, namely, authentication services using holographic overlays, holograms and three dimensional (3-D) markings for electronic documents, e-mail, webpages and websites [Description: The mark consists of gray and silver numbers “0” and “1” to form a geometric rectangular shape with gray and silver letters “A U T H”, the overall mark impression is a holographic hologram. The color white represents the background.]
  • Trademark image– Trading cards [Description: The mark consists of a hologram in a miscellaneous shape comprising the outline of a rectangle imposed on a diamond geometric shape, the design element in the party’s Upper Deck logo. The content of the hologram is not claimed as a feature of the mark.]
  • Mark Image – Purses; Handbags; Backpacks; Rucksacks; School bags; Briefcases; Suitcases; Fur; Clothing for domestic pets; Umbrellas [Description: The mark consists of hexagonal or beehive main patterns with occasional six-pointed stars spread in an alternate mode. Other six-pointed small stars are placed within the occasional stars. Each nodal point of the patterns is thick-dotted. Another set of hexagonal or beehive shade patterns are spread in multi-lined hatching mode and overlapped in contract to the main patterns. The shade patterns are crossed over with the main patterns such that the main patterns also forms cubic hologram images]
  • Trademark image – Pharmaceutical prescription pads [Description: The mark consists of a shield in the form of a hologram, the wording/letters appear from left to right in green, purple, orange, yellow, blue and silver. The background of the shield is in silver.]
  • Trademark image – Charge card and credit card services [Description: The mark consists in part of a hologram image in the center of the mark.]


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