I was quoted in an article by World Trademark Review this week about the ongoing and growing scams targeting trademark owners in the US as suggesting a taskforce to help tackle this complex issue on multiple fronts. The full World Trademark Review article, USPTO urged to set up task force to address scams following massive Pakistan fraud case, can be found here.

Here are just a few of the things USPTO could consider to combat scams. Having a taskforce with a variety of perspectives could assist.
  • establish a taskforce featuring officials from USPTO, other agencies, and users
  • train call center to assist more
  • engage with Congress
  • notify landlords and banks who facilitate scammers
  • notify search engines/ad platforms who facilitate scammers
  • use TPAC committee for hearings
  • sue those using names and logos that impersonate the USPTO for Lanham Act violations
  • double the effort to get FTC, DOJ,  and USPS to do more against the criminal scammers
  • improve and extend communication efforts to the public and trademark applicants regarding the scams
I am working to tackle this scam problem – that could be duping millions of dollars from IP protection budgets of small businesses – from as many angles as I can: communication, education, articles, website, online forums, FOIA requests, collaborating with other law firms, and more. I have recently sent letters to those that I think can assist. If you have other ideas, please let me know in the comments!

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