During recent weeks I have seen a lot of commercials for Pepsi MAX soft drink. Is this a good brand name choice for Pepsi?

Pepsi MAXis another mistake from Pepsi in my opinion. As I wrote in 2009, I am no fan of the latest version of the Pepsi logo.

What is Pepsi MAX? It sounds like it should have more of something – more flavor, more caffeine, more anything. But according the Pepsi website, it is “a zero calorie cola with maximum Pepsi taste.”  But the name does not communicate the most important feature and selling point – zero calories. In fact, the name conveys the opposite, more (MAX) rather than less.

If I were Pepsi, I would have branded this zero calorie soda with a totally different name that did not even include “Pepsi” in it.  That way it could be marketed to two audiences — people who do not like Pepsi but are looking for a zero calorie soda, and people who like Pepsi and willing to try a zero calorie version. It could have still featured the Pepsi logo on the can or been “from the makers of Pepsi” so that Pepsi drinkers would know.

What about calling it ZIP or FREE or something along those lines? (Assuming those names are available – I have not done a thorough search)

Pepsi MAX logo U.S. Trademark Registration

Pepsi MAX is misleading and fails to communicate the most important selling point to consumers.

PS – Remember Crystal Pepsi or Pepsi Clear?!

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